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Basic Tips for Concrete Floor Painting

Concrete floor painting can be the perfect solution to provide lasting protection and different appeal to an otherwise uninteresting concrete floor. And when it comes to concrete paints, you are faced with many choices. The question is how do you pick the right kind for the job?

Some of the choices for concrete paints include oil and water-based concrete paints, epoxies and acrylic latex coating. The success or failure of your concrete floor painting project shall depend on how well you select the type of coating to use. With this said, here are a few suggestions.

Assess the surface

You should make it a point to choose the right paint application on the kind of concrete surface you have. For instance, concrete that has been painted before will have to be stripped loose. The previous coating needs to be peeled off to prepare it for the repainting job. And the removal process depends on the kind of paint applied previously. So, make sure you find out whether it is water or oil based paint.

On the other hand, if the surface has not been painted before, using enamel blocking primer may be necessary. Such helps with covering the pores on the surface to ensure every coat adheres to the wall and that can make it last long. It is also a way of ensuring you get a smooth painted finish.

For concrete surfaces that are too porous or some that have cracks or degraded in any way, a different kind of treatment is necessary. You do not have to spend a hefty amount for resurfacing. And you do not have to paint it either. A good option is to use concrete stain instead. Such method can guarantee better surface penetration.

Consider using paint for protection

Concrete floor paint can do more than just add a little color to a dull floor. The right paint can also give it the protection it needs. That said you have to consider the specific floor area you want to paint on. Take into account whether it gets too much foot traffic. In which case, water based concrete paint is not advisable simply because it will not hold up.

Instead, you may want to opt for oil based or epoxy concrete floor paint. This option is probably the most durable. However, it can also be expensive and present a particular challenge to apply. But when it comes to real protection and lasting paint, this is the option you should go for.

Pay attention to prepping

Half of the painting job will be spent on prepping. And you have to pay attention to preparation as it can also make or break the results. If you are working on a garage floor, you should make an effort to degrease and clean it well.

For this task, you may need to use muriatic acid as this solution has the ability to get into the hard surface for through cleaning. It is also important in ensuring the pain will hold. Otherwise, you may need to perform another concrete floor painting job sooner than you may have expected.

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