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A Guide to Choosing the Right Wall and Concrete Floor Paint

Concrete floor paint can be used not just for aesthetic purposes. Your painting job can also mean a lot for the protection of the floor. That is if you do a good job in choosing the right kind of paint to use.

There are various parts of your house that may be made with concrete. When you plan to do a painting job, you need to keep in mind that what may work for your walls may not necessarily apply to the floor. There is a specific paint for the flooring and these are the ones that are especially formulated for the job. Choosing the right one can be a valuable decision as it will surely last you a long time. With this said, here are a few suggestions for proper concrete floor painting.

Choose acrylic-latex paint for outdoor walls

One of the areas you have to cover is the outdoor walls. Because that part of the house is the most exposed to weather and seasonal changes, it is more prone to expansion and contraction. That said acrylic-latex paint is ideal.

If the walls have never tasted pain before, it is recommended that you use a block-filling primer. This is to make sure that the concrete pores are properly covered to ensure a smooth surface after the paint is applied. It also helps with better adhesion and will surely last longer that without the primer.

Pick waterproofing pain for the walls of the basement

The basement tends to become humid and if this is not controlled, it can seep through the walls which will cause an easy wear and tear. To prevent this, you should use a waterproofing kind of paint. With this type of pain, your basement walls become less porous. In which case, it can be applied to overcome the hydrostatic pressure that come about when the walls become damp. If you want to prevent mold and mildew formation, you may also want to select a special kind of waterproofing paint formulated to protect the walls from such.

Select elastomeric paint for a crack prone wall

Outdoor concrete walls will also benefit from elastomeric paint. This especially applies if you live in an area that is prone to seismic disturbances. This kind of coating is formulated with the ability of expansion, enough to protect the concrete walls from water infiltration and hide the small cracks.

Epoxy concrete floor paint is ideal

After working on your walls, it is time to pay attention on the floor. And it calls for a special type of paint. You usually have two options here which include the acrylic-latex floor coating and the epoxy floor paint. However, the latter proves to be a wiser choice as it is usually tougher. It is especially applicable to high traffic areas.

Consider the specific area of the house where you want to use the concrete floor paint on. For instance, if you are thinking about painting the garage floor, you may need a specialized kind of epoxy paint too, one that can protect the floor from the hot rubber tire prints.